Saturday, October 17, 2015

Skydiving History (part 1 of 2)

Most people think that skydiving is a recent sport, that it was developed in the twentieth century.  But skydiving began
soaring since China started using parachutes in 1100s.  Worldwide skydivers say that the person who invented skydiving was
the French inventor Andre-Jacques Garnerin.  In 1797, Garnerin jumped form a balloon in Paris using a parachute. 

It was followed by a woman named Kathie Palus, who became an enthusiastic fan of skydiving in Germany.  In 19th century
she started skydiving and became known for all her stunts and skills demonstrated while airborne.

When the Wright Brothers invented or made the first aircraft in 1903, it took skydiving into a new altitude.  With Wright
brothers’ invention it became possible to reach higher altitudes making it possible for divers to make more movements and
maneuvers while on a free fall.

A woman named Tiny Broadwick became the fist woman to jump from a plane in 1913.  She also became the first woman to dive
a free fall in 1914.  Jumping off planes began to be a military operation when they began using parachutes in World War I

Parachutes were continued to be used as part of military operations and mission until World War II, which is between 1939
and 1945.  Parachute riding soldiers were called paratroopers. Their most famous feat was during the invasion of Normandy,
France, where paratroopers played a key role in securing the areas for landing of the remaining troops.

After the war, there were surplus nylon parachute equipment.  The U.S. Army started the first military sport parachuting
clubs.  These clubs served to be the foundations of skydiving as a recreational activity.

Actually, it was “barnstormers” who first popularized the airborne performances and parachute jumps after the World War I.

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